1. Submissions

      MDBA Environmental Watering Strategy

      NSWIC submission on ACCC Draft Decision on State Water's pricing submission

      Essential Energy Transitional Proposal

      Submission to Productivity Commission - Mineral and Energy Resource Exploration

      Submission to IPART - Funding Framework for Local Land Services NSW

      Submission to IPART on SWC Operating Licence

      National Foreign Ownership Register for Agricultural Land

      Review of 2004 Water Sharing Plans

      NOW Section 91L of WMA2000 - Meters

      NOW Method to Value Water for Civil Penalties

      State Environmental Planning Policy Amendment 2012

      Cost Benefit Analysis in Mining & CSG Proposals

      IPART Reforming Licensing in NSW

      IPART Performance Indicators for State Water

      Water Amendment Bill 2012

      Select Committee on Electricity Prices

      Submission to the Performance Audit of Commonwealth Environmental Watering Activities

      Submission on Adequacy of Water Storages in NSW Inquiry

      Submission to the Caring for our Country Review

      Submission to IPART on Rural Water Charging Review

      Submission to NSW Government on Aquifer Interference Policy

      Submission to IPART on Rural Water Charging Review

      Submission to Second Windsor Inquiry MDB

      Submission on Draft Water Shepherding Arrangements

      Submission to IPART on Regulated Electricity Price Review 2012

      Submission to Draft NSW Aquifer Interference Policy

      Submission on Commonwealth Environmental Water - Trading Arrangements

      Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Amendment

      NSWIC Submission to Draft Basin Plan

      Submission to Dept of Agriculture on National Food Plan

      Submission to NOW on Draft Water Management (General) Regulation 2011

      Submission to NOW on Snowy Water Licence proposed variations

      Senate - MDB Impact of Mining Coal Seam Gas

      Coalition Dams and Water Management Task Group

      NSW Coal and Gas Strategy scoping paper

      Submission to Senate on The Management of the Murray-Darling Basin

      Submission to IPART on NOW Draft Determination

      Submission to NOW and NSW Minister on WMA Changes

      House of Reps - Inquiry into the impact of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan in Regional Australia

      Murray-Darling Basin Authority submission - Guide to the Draft of the Proposed Murray-Darling Basin Plan

      IPART Submission - NOW

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