1. NSW Irrigators Council's Vision

      NSWIC: One Voice for Irrigation in NSW

      NSWIC is:
      • Recognised both within and outside industry as the supported peak body representing NSW irrigators
      • Included in all policy and operational decisions concerning water use in the state
      • Participating in effective strategic alliances with all key stakeholders

      Irrigation Industry: Irrigation is Efficient, Profitable and Sustainable

      The irrigation industry is recognised for its efficient, responsible and sustainable use of water and for its economic contribution to the State and the nation.

      Purpose of NSWIC

      The NSWIC exists to protect the rights and interests of its Members and Levy Payers. The NSWIC:
      • Provides a political lobbying and advocacy function;
      • Provides a forum for development of policy and communications; and
      • Provides a reference source for decision makers, irrigators, media and others

      What are our key points of difference?

      • We are a non-profit organisation;
      • We are recognised as representative of irrigators in NSW;
      • Our counsel is sought on matters pertaining to irrigation in NSW and more broadly;
      • We are the most resource-secure of all irrigator-representative organisations nationally

      What do we do?

      We provide services in five activity groups;
      • Policy;
      • Advocacy and lobbying;
      • Information;
      • Specialist services to and on behalf of irrigators; and
      • We hold specialist knowledge for reference